Joy Quotes

(On Casey's wardrobe) "They have her in some weird stuff. I would never wear any of it! She has really cool flavor, though."

(About Casey's decorations) "I have exactly two piercings -- one in each ear. Everything else, including the colored hair, is attained through clip-ons or glue. They use real eyebrow and nose rings, but they're glued on."

(About donating some of her hair to the Locks of Love foundation) "During the last snips, I started getting really woozy and for a half-second, I think I might have teared. But then I just said to myself, 'Why are you crying over this?' If it can give a child some kind of happiness, it was a good thing."

(About Kiko Ellsworth) "He's my boy."

"I'm Filipino, and everyone has a lot of kids in the Phillipines. We have tribes there!"

"I drive a Silverado with a lift kit, so it's huge. I'm like this little thing in this big truck, but it's cool driving it because you command the road."

(Question: "What does Marissa see in Jamal?") "She sees that he has drive and is a really great person. He's there for her when she needs support. Jamal is very charming. He has a charisma about him ... she's a sucker [laughs]!"

"Toward the end of 'Secrets', [Executive Producer] Julie Hanan Carruthers called me up to her office, and asked me what I thought about playing [Casey's] twin sister. I was like, 'Oh, that would be so cool.' In reality, I was so shocked. I didn't want to flip on her couch!"

"Oh, I wish I could sing! If I could sing, I'd sing everything instead of saying it."

"Erin [Hershey-Presley, Alison] us a Tae Bo freak! She has some really good kicks, too. You think she's all sweet and innocent, but she can fire it up!"

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