To Tattoo Or Not To Tattoo?

Joy Bisco (Marissa) thinks tattoos are terrific -- for other people, that is. "I think they're cool!" she offers. "[but] personally, I wouldn't have the nerve to sport one, just for fear of a needle." However, if there were a painless method of application, the actress just might change her mind... but only if it were small and tasteful. "I knew this girl who had one that encompassed her whole body and I was like, 'Oh my God! That's going to be with you until you're 80 or beyond!" she says with a laugh. "I mean cute stuff like an armband on a man or something small on a woman's ankle is fine, but I don't like the huge ones." Asked if the truth was in fact her fear of her mother's negative response, Bisco pooh-poohed the idea. "It's just not my style, I guess. I mean, if I was really into them, I would get one. But it's not my thing, so I veer away from that."

[Soaps in Depth, 2002]

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