Heaven's Agents Could be Hell for PC

Dangerous Liasons
Despite the angels' knowledge that anyone they get close to may become the person to fill the fifth chair, they are unable to stay away from those with whom they've made a connection. Will their hearts' desire lead to danger for someone else?

Contact Sport
From the moment they met, Ricky and Casey have been drawn to each other. Everyone is telling them that they have to stay apart, because when they're together, it's trouble with a capital T! Ignoring all this, while Frank's back is turned, Ricky grabs Casey, who takes him to the storage room. Once there, Ricky finally admits how he feels about her. Things get hot and heavy between the two troublemakers. However, he hears a page stating that his sister Gaby is in the hospital, which quickly puts an end to their impulsive romantic tryst. When Ricky later finds out the details surrounding Gaby's unfortunate accident, he lays the blame at her other brother Jamal's feet. This only causes more problems for the woman that Jamal and Ricky love.

Good Impression?
Seeing how upset Ricky is over Gaby's accident and how much he dislikes Jamal, the not-so-good angel Casey tampers with Jamal's motorcycle. Could this be her way to prevent Ricky from filling the fifth chair? Whatever her motivation, Casey's plan backfires. Later, instead of looking good in Ricky's eyes, Casey is upset when he learns an embarrassing secret about her. How will she react? Will this information change his feelings for her?

[Soap Opera Update, 2001]

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